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Make a success of your
Agro-ecological transition

To achieve Triple Performance on your farm: economic, environmental and social.

4000 free access pages of independent resources, feedback and the possibility of going further by asking questions and exchanging with other agris!

Want to make the best choices for your farm? Curious about new practices?

Discover very comprehensive feedback from other farmers who have experimented with these practices and discuss with them and the advisers who have accompanied them.

Need technical and economic information before making a decision?

On, quickly access practical sheets on all subjects (crops, pests, auxiliaries, equipment, etc.), regularly updated by experts and the community. Easily navigate to related topics and join communities around each practice.

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Participate in the platform by submitting your own topic!

This platform is also yours! If you see a missing article, do not hesitate to submit it to us dans le forum!

You can also complete the bibliography and resources on the articles being written, and vote on the topics that seem most relevant to you...!

If you are an expert on a subject, or if you would like to help us complete the platform's feedback and guides, do not hesitate, it starts here !

Check at a glance if the feedback is transposable to your situation

Clearly identify the characteristics of the system to find out if the feedback is right for you!

Georges Joya
Characteristics of his farm
Sol Clay-limestone slopes
Type culture Big Crops
Irrigation Irrigated System
Organic farming Organic farming is also:

Questions and answers

On the platform, the questions and their answers are grouped around a subject and allow you to deepen it. They are an opportunity to exchange between professionals.
You are only notified of exchanges that relate to the topics you follow.
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A space of trust

The platform is independent without a priori on the choices of each. Everyone is welcome!
The interlocutors and their affiliations are all clearly identifiable.
Read our manifesto to learn more.

Contribute at your level

Follow or applaud feedback, answer questions asked, suggest content adjustments, and even contribute more concretely to technical sheets or feedback.
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You are a professional in the agricultural sector (independent adviser, a cooperative, an agro-supplier, etc.)?

What they say :

“We have been looking for a way to bring together agroecological knowledge in a single collaborative, open place, which is not the property of one or the other, and on which everyone can contribute! »

Avatar agri

Vincent Levavasseur - Ver de Terre Production

“On Tripleperformance, I feel in the right place to find a large amount of quality information to help me in the creation of my farm. And in addition I can exchange with other people like me! »

Aline Lamarque

Aline Lamarque - Installons-nous paysans - Aude

"I like the fact that it's independent - if you don't agree with a way of doing things, you can say so. »

Avatar agri

Guillaume de St Mège - Winegrower - Var

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