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An agnostic platform

The Triple Performance platform is not a place for debate, but for exchanging and sharing knowledge. Over-the-counter judgements are not tolerated. We believe that everyone should be able to develop their system at their own pace and according to their own constraints. Comments denigrating a practice will be systematically deleted as soon as they are reported, and the authors potentially banned.

However, it is possible to criticise a practice, as long as the criticism is constructive, based on facts and enables others to progress.

Example of an unwelcome comment:

ACS is evil, it uses glypho, it's a trick of the phyto lobbies to greenwash their poisons.

Example of a welcome comment:

The fact remains that today it's difficult to destroy previous crops without glyphosate. Typically, I'm having trouble with chicory regrowth, so I'd be interested if anyone has a better solution...!

Contacts and affiliations must be clearly identifiable

We're delighted to have professionals from the agricultural sector on the platform, whoever they may be. Do you manufacture tools and products, sell support in obtaining HVE certification, carry out soil surveys, are you a cooperative, a trader, a chamber of agriculture, a researcher or a student planning to set up your own business? If so, welcome!

We think that all contributions are useful! However, it's useful to know where you're coming from, so that everyone can understand the context in which you're making your contribution. So don't hesitate to update your profile!

Articles about products and services are allowed, but ...!

Are you launching a new robot? A connected sensor? Great! We're happy to help you develop your community and spread the word about your solution! Feel free to create as many pages as you like to explain how it all works and how it can be of service.

But don't be heavy-handed! Stay relevant, and don't modify every page on the site to promote yourself! Keep it factual, and the community will respect your contribution all the more. If your pages or certain changes to 'general' articles go beyond the scope of information, you'll be told nicely.

Writing, spelling and readability of articles and comments

We believe that a readable, well-written and well-illustrated article is more enjoyable to read than one that is riddled with spelling mistakes, jargon, bizarre acronyms and no formatting whatsoever.

So if that's not your thing, don't worry - we'll be happy to come along after you and take over some of the text if it's too hard on the eyes!

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