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We need you! The platform aims to collect documentation on many subjects with the objective of achieving triple performance (environmental, economic and social) for the farmer.

The Triple Performance platform is built and evolves thanks to its community of users. Thus, each user can make the existing articles evolve in order to improve the quality of its content.

In order to guarantee a good understanding between the contributors and the users of the platform, we have provided it with a Charter of use, which we invite you to follow.

Before starting we invite you to follow these 3 steps

  1. Create an account to follow, comment, modify or create a page.
  2. Go to the forum tosee the list of articles to be written, to see if you can contribute to one of the current topics
  3. Join the community of contributors on Slack: TriplePerformance.slack.com (Slack is like Whatsapp, only better :-)

Slack is where we organise the writing of pages and articles, identify sources, etc.

If you have any questions about how to write an article, this is where we can talk.

Some important points

  • It is not a question of suddenly importing documentation that exists elsewhere. To begin with, we want to respect the licences for using the content produced by each other. So there is no problem in quoting an article from elsewhere, but we cannot copy the content in its entirety without asking for permission first.
  • We are addressing farmers: we are not trying to create an encyclopaedia of life on this platform. The aim is to help farmers to sort through the different options, to reduce the risk and increase the economic and ecological impact. The articles must therefore be pragmatic and synthetic!
  • Don't forget to do a search to see if the article you want to add does not already exist in some form. If it does, you can decide to improve the existing one or reorganise it into several sub-pages.

If in doubt, come and discuss it in the Slack!

How can I contribute to the writing of articles?

There are several ways you can contribute:

  • Correct spelling mistakes.
  • Make a link between two articles.
  • Add a reference, a video, a PDF related to an article.
  • Complete explanations.
  • Reorganise the article (cut an article that is too long into several articles, merge two articles, ...)
  • Add a new article

So don 't hesitate to contribute! Any correction of a spelling mistake or of an article is useful. Start contributing today by browsing through the articles already written and those to be completed or created. You will find the list of suggestions here.

Before adding articles, feel free to discuss them on the Slack community and ask for help from other contributors.

Editing an article

Before you can edit an article, you must create an account or log in if you already have one.

1. In the menu of each article you will find an "Edit" action

Bienvenue MenuModifier.jpg

By clicking on it, you can edit an article. Various modifications are then possible:

If you are not used to coding a wiki page we recommend using thevisual editor rather than the code editor.

2. Enter your text or corrections

In general :

  • Make sure that your changes are based on verifiable sources which you must cite (using the "Reference" menu).
Le menu Référence vous aidera à saisir correctement les références de l'élément mentionné
  • That your contributions respect copyright if they come from another medium.

3. Click on the blue Save Changes button

Be sure to specify in a few words the changes made to the article in the "Summary" field of the registration window.

Bienvenue MenuEnregistrer.jpg

That's it, your modification is published! Followers of this article will immediately receive an email informing them of your changes.

Before editing an article, feel free to practice in our Sandbox.

Creating an article

Before creating an article, you must create an account or log in if you already have one.

1. First of all, check that the article does not already exist in the

Bienvenue Recherche.jpg

It is possible that the subject of your article has already been treated but under another name. For example, under its Latin name for a plant or a disease. To find out for sure, use the search field and type in various keywords related to your topic.

If the way is clear, it's up to you!

2. Type the name of your article in the search field

If it does not already exist under this exact name, the platform will suggest you to create the page:


All you have to do is click on the name of your article which appears in red and follow the steps proposed.

3. Define a type

When creating the page, you must indicate what type of article you wish to write.

You can write :

4. Cite your sources

To back up what you say, it is important to cite your sources at the end of each article. To learn how to properly cite your sources on Triple Performance, see above.

Do you need help?

If you're not too sure, don't worry, we'll be notified of your changes/creations and we can take a look to see if everything is ok!

You can also talk to us before you start by joining the contributor community on Slack.

To go further

Example tutorial: How to integrate PDF content into the platform:

Participate in a project that interests you

You have the opportunity to work with the community!

Several topics are available, find the list of suggestions here or propose new ones.

To do so, join us on Slack to exchange ideas. You will find discussions on specific work themes, help for writing articles and feedback from the community!

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