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Types of articles

You can find several types of articles on the platform:

Some insects are both beneficials and pests - in this case, there are two pages for the two facets of the insect. Some pages explain the specific action of pests on certain types of crops.

Finally, there are a number of pages that do not fit into these categories and complement the first.

Some pages are not very full, or are almost empty. This is normal - we have prepared them so that we can start the discussion on them - we will fill them in as the traffic, questions and comments come in.

Actions on the pages

Follow a page

Are you interested in a topic? A feedback, a tool, a practice? By following the page, you will receive emails when someone makes a modification on the page, when someone asks a question or answers it.

You can see how many users are already following the page - even among the groups you follow.

You can stop following a page at any time, and adjust your notification settings to change the frequency of emails.

Comments, questions and answers

On the platform, questions and answers are grouped around a subject and allow you to explore it in greater depth. They are an opportunity to exchange between farmers and professionals.

Only those who have already participated in the page or who follow it receive a notification when a new question is posted. It's a bit like having a Facebook group for each page...!

Questions and comments can be sorted either by date or by score (you can vote on the best contributions).

No need to add a "To follow" comment or to show your appreciation. Use the buttons at the top of the page for that. When you ask a question, or make a response, make sure you are specific, and give your context by updating your profile - it is important for others to understand who you are. Feel free to share links to other pages or sites for more information.

Editing a post

If you think a comment should be included in the article, feel free to edit it. There are no restrictions on who can edit an article - just make sure you follow the site's guidelines.

To find out how to edit an article, go here

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