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Just as we believe that knowledge should be shared, so we believe that software code should be open and open source.

The articles are licensed under a Creative Common licence, more specifically CC-By-SA 4 - basically this means that the content is free to be re-used, as long as the author of the article or the link to the original article is properly cited. It's the same licence as on Wikipedia.

You can find all the platform's software code on GitHub.

Triple Performance works with MediaWiki, the software that runs Wikipedia, as well as 21k other wikis.

Propulsé par MediaWiki

Triple Performance works with a number of extensions, which you can find by following this link. In particular, we use Semantic MediaWiki, an extension that allows you to create a semantic graph of the information you will find on this platform.

Propulsé par Semantic MediaWiki

The forum runs on Discourse. It's the state of the art in terms of community animation, and it's really good. Their motto: "Civilized discussions" - because yes, while we're at it, it's better if we keep things a bit civilized!

Discourse - Civilized discussions

We also use a Laravel brick for everything that MediaWiki can't do natively (connections, statistics, data crunching, etc.).

Finally, we use Docker extensively to deploy the platform.

A number of icons on the site have been contributed by Freepik and The Noun Project (see icons).

We'd like to thank all the Open Source community who have contributed to these fantastic pieces of software!

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