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A cherry orchard with sheep in Bemmel.jpg No tillage, plant cover, rotations, biomass, living soil, agroforestry, dynamic rotational grazing, soil fertility, crop association

AgroecologyNo tillage, plant cover, rotations, biomass, living soil, agroforestry, dynamic rotational grazing, soil fertility, crop associationA cherry orchard with sheep in Bemmel.jpg

A cherry orchard with sheep in Bemmel.jpg

Agro-Eco-Logy : Is an agriculture that studies and uses soil (fields), as a house hosting a large number of living beings able to let plants grow on their own.


Fertility cycle.
  • Permanent occupation of land and space by plants and animals.
  • Recycle all resources.
  • Minimal environmental disturbance.
  • Biodiversity and large number of actors.
  • Information flow.
  • Sharing abundance: Of products and services.

The aim is to copy nature, it grows all by itself!

Economic benefits

Economic Benefits.jpg
  • Reduce production costs.
  • Increase plant yield.
  • Diversify income with, for example, agroforestry.

Environmental benefits

Environmental Benefits.jpg
  • Climate control.
  • Depollution of water, air, soil.
  • Fight against soil erosion.
  • Healthy environment, plants, animals, people.
  • Production of biodiversity.
  • Reduction of resource consumption.

Social benefits

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  • Creation of fertile landscapes and opportunities for agritourism.
  • Reduction of working time.
  • Networking of farmers.
  • Social recognition of our work.
  • Better nutrition and health.

Concretely what is Agroecology?

Cover crop

Crops in living soil

  • No tillage.
  • Soil always covered.
  • Maximized biomass production.

6740Ilaya, Las Piñas City Pasture Goats 47.jpg

Combining crops and livestock

  • Fodder autonomy of farms.
  • Dynamic rotating grazing / mob grazing.

Keyline design.

Promote the water cycle

  • Keyline design.
  • Hill reservoir.
  • Tree plantation.
  • Vegetation continuity in dry period.

Verger agroforestier du Bec Helloin.jpeg

Include agroforestry in all systems

  • Wood energy.
  • Climate controller.
  • Fodder agroforestry.
  • Landscape designer.
  • Economically profitable projects.

At home, in town and in schools

  • Living soil vegetable gardening.
  • Edible landscapes.
  • Garden-forest.
  • Productive lianas and trees to produce, air-condition, recycle and beautify.

Spade test.

Simply assess the fertility of your soil

  • Slake test.
  • Spade test.
  • Evaluation of spontaneous biomass.

For more information on agroecology


  • White paper from the Centre National d'Agroécologie. 2023.

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